Many parents & carers across the U.K. have their children back at home again, learning remotely due to the latest national lockdown. Whilst some children are flourishing being at home, I think it is fair to say (based on the response to my question...
Each week release a set of Big Idea challenge cards. These are enjoyable, purposeful tasks that children can do independently or with family members while learning from home. The challenges are linked to the Cornerstones 10...
During the coronavirus pandemic, parents might find themselves acting many roles at home - employee, teacher, carer, and more - here are ways to manage these roles.
Young people tend to be pretty good at finding ways to keep busy, but with nearly 10 months of lockdown disruption, share some of our own suggestions in case they're running low on idea.
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Free and confidential live chat with a qualified parenting coach. We’re here 12:00-19:30 Monday and Thursday, 09:30-16:30 Tuesday and Wednesday, and 9:30-16:00 Friday.
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